"Often it's the deepest pain which empowers you to grow into your highest self." (Karen Salmansohn)

Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

Photo Credit: Peter Hellberg

Kim Hanlon

I was already in a cloud of grief from ten major losses in four years when my older brother died of drug overdose in January 2012. His death knocked what little wind I had left in me completely out. I remember in the hours after learning of his death feeling a strong impulse quit everything – my job, my soon-to-be-fiancé, my graduate school application. Somewhere a voice told me to not add any more change to my life given how much my world had already been rocked. So, I stuck through it all and looked for help in my grief. I was very proactive in finding therapy, attending Al-Anon support groups, and finding ways to honor my grief. While I did find some relief, I still for years felt I was just barely holding the pieces of my life together.

That was until I was introduced to the Grief Recovery Method® in June 2014. Each week of the program, I could feel the cloud of my grief lifting.  At the end of it, back pain and shoulder tension I’d had since my brother died completely went away. I was so inspired by the new light and clarity that I sought out certification to help others with their grief as well. I have been working as a Grief Recovery Specialist® since November 2014.

I help clients achieve balance and wellness through grief recovery work and/or health coaching. I have a Masters in Health Education, with a specialization in Nutrition, in addition to my Grief Recovery Specialist® certification. My practice is grounded in holding space for clients to determine their goals and needs as well as develop trust in their innate wisdom they already hold for finding wellness.

Health education should be practiced holistically - looking at all viable modalities as well as all aspects of one's life and environment that impact her health. It is exciting work, and there are always new things to learn as research develops and new clients present unique situations.

As a Grief Recovery Specialist ®, I work with the Grief Recovery Method ®. I help people look at their beliefs about dealing with loss and the losses they have experienced so they can take actions to complete unresolved emotions that continue to cause them pain.

Grief recovery and overall wellness are closely related. I provide a unique service to clients who wish to both recovery from loss experiences and find balance in other areas of wellness. The mind/body/heart/spirit are all closely intertwined and interdependent.


Greater Alameda Business Association (GABA)

National Association of Nutrition Professionals (NANP)

Health At Every Size (pledge)

The Grief Recovery Institute